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by Kieth
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Staff of Attention

Athena Mariposa (athenaisc)

Attention's owner, publisher and founder, Athena has been in Second Life since June of 2014. She got a taste for SL magazines after working as the technical editor of SL Connoisseur before leaving to found Attention. Her Flickr can be seen here.

Kieth Porterfield

Kieth Porterfield joined as a photographer featuring role play communities and camera work. He was promoted to Attention's Co-Owner and department head of the Attention SL magazine. He remains passionate about SL photography and music. Kieth's Flickr.

Anais Cristole

A noted blogger and photographer, Anais Cristole joined Attention SL in 2019 as a blogger. She was hired into the magazine for Men's Fashion and was promoted to Blogger Manager in 2020. Anais' Flickr. 

Isle Biedermann

Isle Biedermann also followed Athena from SL Connoisseur. He initially held the role of Sims Editor since joining Attention, photographing Sims large and small. He also teaches photography classes in world, contact him for further details. He's since been promoted to Attention Gallery manager. Isle's Flickr is here.

Innocence Wiles

Inno joined Attention SL's Model Advisory team in 2019, specializing in assisting models to update their looks. Inno has been promoted to Fashion Coordinator and has joined Attention SL's Management Team. 

Laelia (elizabethdarcie)

Laelia joined Attention SL in 2019 as Directior of our Model Advisor team. She led that group into creating the new group, establishing criteria, interviewing and hiring models to appear in Attention SL. Laelia's Flickr.

Tory King

Tory King is widely acknowledged as one of the finest photographers in Second Life. He joined Attention SL after appearing in a pictorial with Athena in 2018. He is currently serving as Lead Photographer, creating all of those beautiful covers we feature every month. He's also serving on the Management team. His Flicker can be found here.

Gavin Dionysus

Gavin Dionysus joined Attention SL as Copy Editor in August 2019. An invaluable member of the staff behind the scenes, he ensures that our written copy matches the quality of the photos. Gavin has also served on the Model Advisory team, the Management team and performed a million other tasks that you don't necessarily see on our pages. You can see his Flickr here.

Jason Canucci (jimmyskat.canucci)

Jason Canucci joined Attention SL in 2017 as a photographer. He's worked on a wide variety of projects. He joined the Management team at it's inception. He currently serves as Personal Assistant to Athena Mariposa, primarily coordinating with staff. His Flickr can be found here.

Harper Lexington

Harper Lexington was first featured in Attention SL as it's Beauty in 2017. She joined the staff as a photographer and has had various features. She currenly highlights a member of our model group monthly, as well as taking pictures for the Look Book behind the scenes. Harper also has worked on the Attention Gallery. She's been a member of the Management team since it's inception. Harper's Flickr is here.

Amy Beebe

Amy Beebe was first featured in Attention SL as an interview subject in 2017. She later was on our cover as Beauty in 2019. She joined Attention SL as Sims Editor shortly therafter. Her Flickr is here

BeeQueen Smythe

Bee is the creator of Busty Bee, the comic featured in Attention SL. She has been a member of the Attention SL family since it's inception in 2016. Her flickr can be seen here.

Bewitched Difference

A noted blogger and extremely talented photographer, Be joined Attention SL's blog in 2019.  Her flickr can be seen here.

Biarzenne Necro

Biar holds the distinction of being the only hearing impaired member of the Attention SL family. Biarzenne joined Attention SL's blog in 2019.  Her flickr can be seen here.

Charly Rayne

Charly is an exquisite member of Attention SL's blogging team. Charly joined joined Attention SL's blog in 2019 during a blogger search after being hand selected by Athena Mariposa.  Her flickr can be seen here.

Chase Stone

Attention SL's bad boy of photography, Chase Stone joined Attention SL in 2019. He is focused on SL Furniture. His flickr can be seen here.

Cherry Biedermann

The third and final member of the Biedermann family, Cherry joined our blogging team in 2018. Her flickr can be seen here.

Erica (erica451)

Hardworking Erica joined Attention SL's Model Advisory team in 2019. She also serves as a model and blogger. Her flickr can be seen here.

Faith Darrow

Faith Darrow joined Attention SL's blogger team in 2018. Her popular feature, "Faith's Faves" features weekly entries submitted to our Flickr group. Faith also has the distinction of appearing in Attention magazine as a severed head (we can't make this up). Faith's Flickr is here.

Graham Collinson

Graham Collinson was hired by Athena Mariposa after a late night talk in May of 2016. The enfant terrible of Attention SL, Graham brings delicate beauty and his own brand of quirky humor to his photography. A hopeless romantic, he is passionate about his photography and his guitars in equal measure. He's also the only staff member with one eye. Graham's flickr is here.

Maximus Morningstar

One of the newer members of the Attention SL team, Max was hired by Laelia to serve on the Model Advisory team to do some of the technical work behind the scenes. Yes, Max is also the love interest of Attention owner Athena Mariposa. An IT specialist in real life, Max brings his techical expertise to the magazine. His Flickr has 8 pictures on it and can be seen here.

Mirabelle Biedermann

A long time, beloved member of the Attention family, Mira joined the staff in 2017. She has worked in various capacities, including Sims editor, copy editor, writer, photographer and the Gallery team. Today she contributes to the magazine by highlighting a member of Attention SL's enormous and growing staff. Her flickr can be seen here.

Morgaine Blackrain

Morgaine is a noted photographer and lover of SL fashion, as well as it's nightlife. Hailing from South America, she brings her love of intense color to her work. Morgaine features all things related to SL's music scene. Morgaine holds the dubious distinction of being the staff member who's name is misspelled the most often by Athena Mariposa. Her flickr can be seen here.

Monique LeFry

A longtime fixture of the SL porn community, Monique joined the blogger team of Attention SL in 2018. A charming person who embraces both genders in her SL, she brings her own unique perspective. Her flickr can be seen here.

Ponch Gilgandra

Ponch Gilgandra joined Attention first as a model. He was subsequently hired by Athena Mariposa to feature his cooking. A professionally trained chef, Ponch is currently cooking up Quarantine Cusine, ideas for what to cook while we're all shut in. 

Rachel Swallows

Another staff member that was first featured as a Beauty, Rachel joined Attention SL in 2017. Her most regular feature is "Faces and Places," which shows off models in beautiful SL locations. However, Rachel is an editor-at-large who serves up whatever catches her fancy. Her flickr can be viewed here.

Skyler Morningstar Areli

Skyler is an amazing blogger. She was hand selected by Athena Mariposa to join the blogger team in 2019. Her Flickr can be found here.

Whimsical Aristocrat

The last on our staff list by alaphabet, Whims was one of the first to join. Whims followed Athena from SL Connoisseur and is an original member of the team since May 2016. Whims has served as Lead Photographer, shooting many of the magazine's covers. Her writing series, No Idea, remains one of Attention's most popular features. Her Flickr can be found here.

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