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Attention SL is proud to present it's April 2021 issue. This month, our Beauty is anonymous to reflect that beauty can be found anywhere. We have articles on Nady Sapa, the revolutionary Whim RLV design, the Lelutka River head, Gender neutral fashion, alt fashion, guest photographers Trixie Lanley and Lori Bailey, a Blogger showcase featuring Rachel Swallows, a special River pictorial by Katien Erin, Busty Bee, Graham's Home feature, a special discussion about expression, Chase Stone's focus on motion, Our World Famous Flickr Section and so much more. Strap in, this issue is a big one!


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Do you have an idea for an article? Would you like to be featured? Would you like to be part of our pool of models? Interested in working for Attention SL Magazine? For all that and more, please contact Athena (athenaisc), Kieth Porterfield or Bewitched Difference in world. You can also contact Athena by email.


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