Attention SL is proud to present it's October 2020 issue. This month, we are featuring Beauty Dae Fangs as photographed by Teej (Timaaj) and spreads inside including an guest fashion photography spread by Peachy Holst with an interview by Laelia Mariposa of Flashpoint RP, Halloween spreads by Kn0ws and Gavin Dionysus, a guest photography spread by Lyla Blaylock Matthews featuring the Day of the Dead, No Idea by Whimsical Aristocrat, Janeen Arliss by Harper Lexington, Bites with Ponch Gilgandra, a home feature by Graham Collinson, the twisted, evil world of Rachel Swallows, our blogger spotlight on Addams by Lakaluka, a feature on our Attentionista bloggers, and our World Famous Flickr section.

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