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Attention SL is proud to release its July 2021 issue. Every year, we do our best to present the best swimsuits in Second Life. This year was truly a group effort. Our cover shot was taken by Kn0cks Shad0ws of Maximus Morningstar. All models had a chance to be on the cover, and it's a huge honor for me to shine a little spotlight on the best darned guy in SL. Of course, I'm biased. 

We also have decor by Trixie Lanley, Lori Bailey has a great spread on different beaches in SL. Harper Lexington featured some summer sunnies. Piper Olivia, who had originally planned on taking the month off, turned in a great feature on hats. Graham Collinson featured the home of former Attention SL beauty Tintin Tuxing. Whimsical Aristocrat brings us a brand new feature, In Camera. Sonic returns with a gorgeous spread on Scars in a Mods article. We have a great interview by Brunella Voelisa on Attentionista's own Salvo Waydelich. All that and our World Famous Flickr Section.


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Do you have an idea for an article? Would you like to be featured? Would you like to be part of our pool of models? Interested in working for Attention SL Magazine? For all that and more, please contact Athena (athenaisc), Kieth Porterfield or Bewitched Difference in world. You can also contact Athena by email.


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